PlayStation 4 Gets System Software Update Version 5.0

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PlayStation 4 gets system software update version 5.0. Unfortunately, don’t get too excited about it. While whole number updates normally get a major release, this one did not. It seems that this release is full of significantly minor changes.

The Updates:

The major update is for PlayStation Network accounts for families. The new update will allow multiple adults to use “parent/guardian” monikers and can jointly run the account. Each “parent/guardian” will be allowed to control each child’s account in the family.

Something that will bring some delight to users: disabling pop-ups during video playback. Other notification updates, a person can leave a party and check notifications in Quick Menu.

PS4 Pro users will be able to broadcast games to Twitch in 1080p resolution and at 60 frames per second. Now, you can follow any PS4 users in the console’s What’s New feed, and they don’t have to be verified users.

Some new additional features were dropped alongside the release. The console offers a competitive setup called Team Tournaments. This sounds like a system for a clan that can compete across multiple games. Unfortunately, individual developers will have to specifically support the feature; the first four games to offer Team Tournaments are VooFoo Studios’ Mantis Burn Racing, Wargaming’s World of Tanks, and both Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy from Naughty Dog. Team Tournaments will go live this Thursday, Oct. 5.

As far as updates go, Sony released a relatively minor one. Unless they start to offer backwards compatibility or crossplay functionality, Sony does not have any true innovations to release. Upgrades for the PlayStation Pro aside, many Sony players will have to contend with minor updates from now on, which is a bit sad.