Report: Samsung to Announce Galaxy Note 8

While many in the media were commenting on how the public has not forgotten about the fiery demised of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, it seems that many people have forgotten. With the strong performance of the Samsung Galaxy S8, it would seem that Samsung is prepping themselves for the official announcement of the Galaxy Note 8, according to Reuters.

Citing a person familiar with the situation, Samsung is prepping to announce the device during an August event. The source cites that the Note 8 will “sport a curved screen that is marginally larger than the 6.2-inch version of the Galaxy S8 smartphone and feature two rear cameras. The Note 7 was equipped with a 5.7-inch curved screen and one rear camera.”

There was never a doubt that Samsung would not scrap the Note line given that the seventh in the line had some fiery issues. While many Apple fanboys have claimed that Samsung would have to drop the name or introduce it as a new device for people to forget any attachment with the Galaxy line, sales of the Galaxy S8 show, people do allow companies one pass. It seems that Samsung devotees are more loyal than people thought.

This will, undoubtedly, be good news to Note users that either are still holding onto their old Note devices to see what happens or Note users that had to give up their faulty devices. It is a strong sign that they keep the name and move ahead. After the performance and reviews of the S8, everyone knows that they will make a stronger product and people will flock to it.

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