Report: Touch ID Will Be Missing From iPhone 8

It would seem that something Apple brought to the mainstream will be missing in the redesigned iPhone, according to The Wall Street Journal. It has been rumored that Apple was looking to ditch the fingerprint sensor for facial recognition. As rumors go, it began to circulate that the Touch ID will not appear on the front of the device. According to the new report, it looks like it will be missing altogether.

WSJ claims that Apple ran into production issues trying to embed the Touch ID into its new screen. Apple is reportedly using a OLED screen, which combined with other technical issues, would have pushed the production of the device back by a month. So, you can either use facial recognition or basically traditionally unlocking your device.

With all of that being said, those delays would mean supply shortages for the redesigned iPhone. Now, how that works out in the real world, remains to be seen. Shortages could go from anywhere from limited supply for a few weeks to certain colors only being offered.

Other views express that we could see the iPhone released later than expected. They could even be released later than the updated iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Some believe that it could have an impact on the holiday season, which Apple, tends to see in uptick in sales for the holiday season.

In the end, shortages are nothing new to Apple, or any manufacture for that matter. Samsung decided to move the fingerprint sensor to the back of their device, which I find more convenient, as the Touch ID I use on my iPad. Apple could take a cue from that but everyone knows that they will not.


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