Robotech #1 Review

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If you grew up in the eighties, you most likely remember a anime cartoon called Robotech. It was an anime cartoon series made from three different series, rescripted and repackaged as a complete saga telling one story. Earlier this year, it was announced that it would be retold in a new comic book series starting in August. Robotech #1 has some new elements to offer but definitely a walk down memory lane.

In the new script by Brian Wood, the series picks up much like the cartoon series some 32-years-ago. A extraterrestrial spacecraft comes down from the cosmos and crash lands on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific. Gone are the anime features and more realistic features for the characters with artwork done by Marco Turini.

Another major change from the cartoon is the melodramatic dialogue between the characters. This is more current with our militaristic culture and much of the filler from the cartoon series is removed. However, the only character that manages to stay annoying through all the various incarnations is Lynn Minmei. It is understood that she is a self-involved teenager but it has normally done to extremes and this version is no different.

The artwork for the first issue is great. It is something you would see out of the top two companies. The anime aspect of the story are gone and reinvented with a more gritty tone. Dialogue of the characters are more realistic and very American. The script wastes no time diving right into the story and cutting out much of the fat from the source material.

Some of the relationships, primarily between Roy and Rick have completely changed from the original source material but leads one to believe there is something more going on. The progress of the story and the artwork engaged me enough to wish to read the next issue. It was a fast read but take a bit more time to enjoy the artwork of the book. If you want to pick up an extra book on Wednesday, pick up Robotech #1 and let me know what you think about it.

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