Robotech Lands IT Director

There is something to the term development hell. Many, many moons ago, Sony acquired the rights to bring the 80’s anime Robotech to the big screen. Since then, nothing has happened. For the longest time, there were reports that Sony was trying to court James Wan onto the project but it seems like it actually has someone attached.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that IT reboot director Andy Muschietti has signed on as director for the languishing project. Keep in mind, there is no script yet either. Although, you do need a mind behind the scenes to bring a script together. Aside from IT, Muschietti directed the horror film Mama and is attached to direct the pilot episode of Hulu’s Locke & Key.

If you are a child of the eighties, then you most definitely watched Robotech. A series that brought together three different anime series from Japan and through creative editing and rewriting of the American script made it three generations of the same series. The longest, and most memorable series, is the Macross Saga.

“The storyline begins when the technology for giant robots was reverse engineered from a crashed spaceship before the militaristic alien race known as the Zentraedi invaded,” as described by The Nerdist. “The second generation dealt with the Robotech Masters’ attempt to reclaim their tech, and the third generation chronicled the Invid invasion.”

With technology, as far as it has come, this series could be amazing on the big screen and is waiting for a franchise. However, I would like to temper expectations as we are dealing with Sony and it still may be many years before we see an end result (i.e. a movie). However, it gives me a glimmer of hope but I’ll rack that up to those Avatar sequels we hear so much about.


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