Rorschach’s Arrival Teased In Doomsday Clock Cover

If you were with us yesterday, you would have seen the two preview covers of the upcoming DC Comics Doomsday Clock #1. As we are approaching September, you know we will be seeing more teases since the event is expected to kick off in November. So, on Tuesday, DC revealed a third cover that will be a lenticular motion variant cover.

It would seem that we are getting our first glimpse of Rorschach being introduced into the DC Universe. Now, this bares further questions, will their introduction of the characters into the DC Universe take place before the events in the original Watchmen series. As we have seen the bloodstained happy pin in Batman’s care.

As we are only seeing one image, according to CBR, is the image we are seeing the beginning or end image. Whatever the image is before or after kind of doesn’t seem relevant to some but it does to me. As we know it is Rorschach, but it is curious to see what the blot would become or originally was.

The Doomsday Clock event begins this November.



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