Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Coming September 15th

No one seems to like surprises. Everyone has to know what is coming before the announcement about what is actually coming. Evan Blass, who makes a living leaking information, has leaked some more information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Keep in mind that we have not been told that a Note 8 is coming out but we can all assume that it will. After the disaster of the Note 7, like Samsung did with the Galaxy S8, they are not going to be holding back.

According to a tweet on Friday, Blass revealed that the Note 8 will be announced on the 23rd (which is Wednesday) and it will be available for pre-order the next day. The device is expected to have a release date of September 15th.

For anyone that decides to pre-order the device, they will get a 256GB microSD card and a wireless charger or a 360-degree camera. According to The Verge, European pre-orders will come with a DeX Dock.

Samsung releasing a new Note device after the public-relations disaster of the Note 7 is a solid move for Samsung. While many in the media like to keep harping on that subject, the fact that the Galaxy S8 beat projections is a testament to their resolve. Simply that one device in the seven generations had an issue, it seems that Samsung is confident to move forward and their devoted fans will follow.

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