Samsung Delays Reveal of the Galaxy S8

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As we discussed on our podcast, which we released today, we discussed the official reason that Samsung issued about the reason their batteries exploded. With the new safety measures in place, some wondered if it would impact their traditional launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S8. It seems that we will, in fact, have to wait a bit longer for their new Galaxy S8.

According to Ars Technica, they have confirmed that Samsung will not reveal their latest device in the Galaxy family at the Mobile World Congress, which is being held from February 27 through March 2. This is usually the venue that would get to see the new device, but it would appear that the battery issue delayed their reveal.

According to the site, they are noting that rumors are swirling around the possible April 15 announcement in New York, which was the site of the Galaxy S4 reveal back in 2013. It was revealed that Samsung will continue using the Note name in the next device but it seems they will be taking some time before they announce the new device.

It would make complete sense that Samsung would show some restraint given the disaster of the Note line and the possible impact of all Galaxy designs. Samsung will have some faith in their brand to restore but it will need to do some hand-holding to get those leery customers back in the Samsung saddle. Especially since many had to switch over to new devices in lieu of the Note. 2017 will be an interesting year for Samsung.

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