Samsung’s Browser Is Available for All Android Devices and Supports Ad-Tracking Blocker

A while back Apple began restricting ad tracking on their mobile and desktop versions of Safari. It seems that Samsung is taking a bit of a cue. Samsung’s web browser is now available for all Android devices running Android 5.0 or higher. The Samsung Internet was only available on Samsung devices, as well as Nexus and Pixel devices. In the update, Samsung Internet is getting a built-in ad-tracking blocker.

Any Android user can now download the browser through the Play Store. The new extension, according to The Verge, will allow you to browse privately. You can toggle on the tracking blocker. Just to let you know, the blocker is enabled by default. The extension is powered by Disconnect.

In the updated version of the browser, Samsung added a Night Mode and High Contrast mode, for browsing with white text on a black background, to reduce eye strain.

Ad-tracking blockers are becoming more of a thing since nearly all sites tracking your progress. It is not for anything nefarious but it is to target ads. Get an app and wonder how they are showing you an Amazon ad for something you just looked at? That is how it’s done.

While most people are concerned about ad-blocking, which can be annoying. Having your browsing activity monitored should be a bigger issue. Given that Apple and Samsung are in the provider business, don’t expect to see companies like Google join in. They generate revenue from ad-tracking, more than by generic ads.


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