Samus Getting Her Own Nintendo 3DS XL

It seems that when Nintendo is offering something that they claim is a limited edition, it is beginning to seem that everything they offer is limited edition. Their latest is the announcement that they are releasing a Samus Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL on September 15, which is the same day that Metroid: Samus Returns is released in stores.

One this that does not sit well is the fact that it is not a bundle. You read that right. If you want the cool-looking handheld, you will need to fork over $199.99. You will need to fork over another $39.99 for a copy of the game.

If that is not enough reason to hand over your cash, they are releasing a pair of Metroid-themed amiibo figures. One that is based on the cover of Metroid 2, you know the pose, and the other is a soft, squishy Metroid, according to Polygon.

Of course, Metroid: Samus Returns is a remake of the classic Game Boy title. Nintendo wants to make it clear that this is a limited edition. So, odds are if you don’t get it through a pre-order then chances are you will not get one. Unless you are willing to check out eBay or Craigslist. Yeah, I don’t think it’s worth it either.


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