SanDisk Reveals Monster 400GB MicroSD Card

Remember when you picked up your PlayStation Portable and it required a proprietary Sony memory stick of 8GB and your mind was nearly blown. Jump ahead ten years and we are looking at microSD cards that max out at 256GB. That is a little more memory than some inexpensive laptops carry. Well, SanDisk is about to blow you mind.

On Thursday, they announced a new 400GB microSD card, which now holds the title of the world’s largest storage capacity for a memory card format, according to The Verge. Samsung held the previous record with their 256GB card from 2016.

Now, we don’t have an expected release date but we do have some specs and a price tag. The 400GB card can transfer files at up to 100MB/s, is classified as a SDXC UHS-I card, and is rated as an App Performance Class A1 device. That means that your opens will open and work smoothly.

Now, for the price, it is slated at $249.99. While that price sounds expensive, keep in mind that this memory card will not be used up if you use it your mobile device. That means you will be able to move it from device to device. Of course, if you take 500 mirror selfies to find that one or always take pictures of your lunch, length will vary.

This is still an amazing feat given that I was happy when my old microSD card would take 36GB. Now, it is 100GB short of a portable hard drive that I have connected to my Xbox One for storage. Most likely, you will never need this type of capacity but worth getting so you never have to worry again.

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