Secret Empire #0 Cover Revealed

Marvel is not wasting their time when it comes to promoting their next event, “Secret Empire.” Given the fact that we are halfway through February, and the zero issue is expected out in April, there is no time to spare. CBR got an exclusive look at Mark Brooks’ cover for Secret Empire #0.

It has been shared that this event will be the culmination of writer Nick Spencer’s work on Captain America: Sam Wilson as well as Captain America: Steve Roger. It even manages to use some threads from the whole Civil War II storyline.

In case you haven’t been following this series, Roger is a Hydra agent after the Red Skull used a Cosmic Cube to manipulate his origin. Although, the man behind the shield doesn’t blindly follow the Red Skull. He believes that the Red Skull is only in it for himself and is plotting to assassinate the Red Skull to bring the true origin of Hydra back.

 Tom Brevoort, Marvel’s senior vice president, has described “Secret Empire” #0 as detailing “the worst day of the Marvel Universe.”

“Where not one, not two, but three separate events break out all at once,” he told ABC News. “Cap, as head of S.H.I.E.L.D., is able to mobilize forces to all three of those situations. And those three situations represent Hydra’s first move. It comes off the blocks explosively right from the get-go.”

It seems that right off the bat of the series, Rogers is, finally, unmasked as a Hydra agent and will have repercussions among all the players in the Marvel Universe. “We’ll definitely see an impact on our new, younger generation of heroes,” Brevoort said, “a huge turn for them, a Watergate moment for them.”

“They will have to grapple with what this means and reset their heroism,” he explained. “You don’t want it to be bleak and miserable, you always want to have hope and be uplifting, and that’s the aspect of this story where the other characters in the Marvel Universe have to kind of come together for.”

The zero issue will drop in April and the nine-issue series will continue through August. Check out the cover below.

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