Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Does Not Ease Concerns

After the rush of movies debuting during the Super Bowl on Sunday, it is odd Lucasfilm chose Monday to drop their full trailer. Solo: A Star Wars Story is the second standalone movie to drop. After the success and controversial production of Rogue One, it seems this film will be no different. As production concluded last year, with a release date less than three month away, it was interesting to get to see any footage from the film.

With the trailer being released, it seems that there is some in trepidation regarding the quality of the film. In this day in age, it is very easy to see the quality of a movie based on trailers. Does the film look horrible, silly, or amazing? The film makes me pause as any project that has a director removed before production is complete. Of course, you cannot believe all, if any, of the earlier reports as to the removal of a director.

After the release of Justice League, when Joss Whedon was brought in to replace Zack Snyder. That reason was personal and very necessary. Unfortunately, fans were ready to lambast the film by simply watching the trailers. Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi was ridiculed by so-called fan for taking it in a new direction. Mind you, this came after two years of complaint that The Force Awakens was a remake.

One of my chief concerns is Alden Ehrenreich cast to play Han Solo. While his previous work has been serviceable. I am not thoroughly convinced that he has what it takes to play Solo. Not that Harrison Ford has the corner on the market. Let’s keep some perspective on the franchise, he has only play the character four times (five when you count the Holiday Special).

Another curious concern for the film is their choice for a replacement. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were the original directors. Their pedigree was tongue-in-cheek comedies of Jump Street and The Lego Movie. They were not my first choice for this film. In fact, it was believed that the movie was going to be a comedy. With Ron Howard onboard, it is difficult to believe he can save the film. His filmography, as of late, has a lot to be desired.

Like any fan, I will be viewing the movie during the Memorial Day weekend. There is hope that the film will turn out like Rogue One, as a major surprise. However, there is a contingent of fans that wonder if this will be their first flop. It is doubtful that the film will flop. Unfortunately, if it is a success and the reviews from fans are negative, Lucasfilm may need to re-examine how they choose their directors.

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