Sony Reveals New PS4-Exclusive Spider-Man Trailer

When a Spider-Man game is announced, there is always this sense of uncertainty. Are we going to get a Spider-Man 2 game or is it another Spider-Man: Edge of Time? This Spider-Man game is different. Marvel is involved and this one is being developed by Insomniac. It was announced back in 2016 with an announcement trailer but during Sony’s press event on Monday, we got some gameplay footage at the end of the presentation.

In this trailer, we got to see Spider-Man doing attacks, stealth and making some wise-cracks. The action is fierce and the graphics make it look wonderful. Even the additional of Wilson Fisk into the game was a neat bonus.

Of course, we have an early 2018 window, which is better than nothing. There have been rumors that most of the city will be open to explore, which could mean that it will be more of a Batman: Arkham City rather than a Grand Theft Auto. Either of which is great but until then I will have to keep watching the trailer.

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