Sony Reveals New Trailer for Detroit: Become Human

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Detroit: Become Human was an intriguing idea when it was announced at the 2016 E3 Sony press conference. Since then, it has remained relatively quiet. Quantic Dream, known best for similar titles Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, is behind the game. During Monday’s press conference, we got another trailer for the game.

Detroit: Become Human is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” flare to it. This one is all about humans with cybernetic capabilities — or more accurately, androids — which allow them to interact with and investigate a futuristic version of Detroit, Michigan in unique ways. Last year, we had a trailer that showed you playing as an android cop trying to solve a crime and rescue a human hostage.

In this trailer, we are a vigilante named Marcus, and he is intent on freeing similarly enhanced people and having them follow his cause. After breaking the other androids free from their cells, players will have to make tough decisions in order to determine just how the world will be affected, much like previous Quantic Dream games.

As in the 2016 E3 presentation, no release date was announced. It seems to be simply a trailer to keep the hype going about this game. Given that my memory of the game had faded until I saw this trailer. it reignited my interest in the game. I guess we will have to just wait and see.