Spotify Has Double Paying Subscriptions Than Apple Music

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Spotify has made some major moves in the paid market, while other companies like Pandora and Apple Music have been trying to drive up their numbers. The Verge is reporting that Spotify has updated its subscription information and announced that it has 60 million paying users.

That is a major jump considering that they had boasted 50 million in March. Since then, Spotify has announced that they have roughly 140 million total users.

That would make it a leader in the streaming business considering Apple Music is boasting around 27 million paying subscribers. That means Apple would have to do some major work to educate the music based why they should pay for music with them, given that Spotify has more than twice their subscription base.

That is not to say that Spotify didn’t have to do some work to make artist happy and minimize the boycotts. In recent months, a few things have changed for Spotify. Primarily, the company reached licensing agreements with both Universal Music Group and Sony.

This deal will allow labels’ artists the option to keep their music off of Spotify’s free tier for a certain period of time, while Spotify will get a slight break in royalty payments.