Spotify’s Web Player No Longer Supports Safari

If you use Spotify’s Web Player – what are you doing? By this particular point, you should be using your mobile device for that. However, if you are one of those people that do not wish to use your data, and you use a Mac, you won’t be able to use it anymore.

According to Engadget, Safari is no longer supported. The Spotify community noticed the change last week when they tried to open the web player using Apple’s browser. They received the message that it is no longer supported and they need to use another browser of the desktop player.

Oddly enough, Spotify mentions on their requirements page that they only support Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. A customer service representative confirmed the change to the forum users, saying that “after recent updates, Safari is no longer a supporter browser for Web Player,” and but wouldn’t say “if or when any specific features will be back.”

It is unclear what led to the service no longer supporting the browser, but a French site (according to The Verge) is deducing that Spotify is using a plugin that Safari does not support. However, it does not make clear whether they recently stopped supporting it or not.

There is no word on whether Spotify will eventually work on a fix or if they will simply wait for Safari users to use another browser. If they do update this information, we will get back to you.

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