Sprint Will Now Allow You To Upgrade Every Year; With A Catch

Sprint has always felt like the little wireless company that could but doesn’t. In hopes of trying to update its options to entice people into joining their wireless company, Sprint is now offering people the ability to upgrade their phone every year. Previously, that deal was only good if you had an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone.

The catch is simple: pay $5 extra bucks a month, which is on top of your regular leasing cost for one year versus the 18 months, and the end of the year, you can upgrade your device. However, if you currently have an iPhone or Galaxy device, you are not required to pay that additional fee. The other catch may not be as simply. Sprint is leasing you the phone. Al other major carriers are offering pay-toward-new-device options. Sprint is leasing you a device, which means that it will not be brand new.

Keep in mind, there is only six additional months to upgrade your device. I did not need to upgrade my Galaxy S7 to the S8, but I had an upgrade available after the year, so I figured why not use it. Although, the idea of leasing a phone seems a bit gross. I’ve seen what people do with their phones and would hate to lease someone else’s device.

Sprint has been trying things to make them relevant as of late. Most recently, they offered new customers a whole year free of unlimited data service. Obviously, there are some strings attached. Sprint is trying hard to regain that third-place status, which it has recently lost to T-Mobile. For the longest time, Sprint did not care about its customers (as I was one for a while) or its quality, now they must play catch up, which isn’t as easy as it used to be.

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