Star Trek: Discover Gets A Release Date

For the longest time, many Star Trek fans were thinking that the release of the new series Star Trek: Discovery was as elusive as the release of Avatar 2. As of Monday, CBS has announced the actual release date for the new series. It will debut on CBS on Sunday, September 24th. The first episode will air on the network at 8:30 PM, but after that it will only be available on their CBS All Access app.

The only good thing about it being available on the All Access app is that immediately after its debut, the first and second episode of the series will be made available for immediate viewing. After that, the first eight episodes will be available weekly starting September 24th through November 5th, according to Collider. The second half will air sometime in January of 2018.

CBS All Access is a paid service and has some streaming only series on the app. Most likely, they believe that Star Trek fans will pay for the service to view the series. It is not fully known just how profitable that will be for the series but they are filming the series in Canada to lower production costs. You can suppose that much of its success will hinge on their pilot episode.


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