Star Trek: Discovery Begins Production

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It would seem that production of the fifth Star Trek series has gotten underway. The troubled production, which was originally slated to begin earlier last year and debut this month, has begun principal production, according to the official Twitter account of the series. Keep in mind, while the video does place itself in the history of the franchise, no debut date has been announced.

As you can see from the video, it placed itself amongst the behind-the-scene photos of the many series behind it. The new series is slated to have a debut on the CBS network, but all subsequent episodes will debut on CBS All Access. In case you have no idea what that is, that is CBS’ paid service. Not only can you see their entire CBS catalog but they will offer original content as well.

There is still nothing available about the series but all we do know is that Michelle Yeoh is the show’s main character and the Lt. Commander of the Discovery. In January, the team also revealed that James Frain will play a younger version of Spock’s father Sarek, the Vulcan astrophysicist and ambassador to the Federation.