Star Trek: Discovery Fall Release Gets An One Episode Bump

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Beware Romulans bearing gifts. It is amazing how two descriptions of the same news sound vastly different depending on the source. Both are regarding Star Trek: Discovery and CBS’ CBS All-Access app. Fans may not have been aware but the first season of the series is being split up into two-halves. The original eight episodes were to air between September and November.

TrekMovie is reporting that CBS has decided to bump up the first half of episodes to nine, instead of 8. It is imposing a winter break, like many series do during the holiday season. The final seven episodes will be released beginning in January 2018. So, look for the final episode of the first half to be releases on Sunday, November 12.

The same site is reporting that Star Trek: Discover is breaking records for the CBS All-Access app. Citing that subscribers growth has increased more than 200 percent year-over-year. Yet, they are pulling a report from Variety, who is not as jovial about the news as TrekMovie is.

Variety is re-reporting news about how well the app registrations went up prior to launch. We even mentioned it here and I even discussed the pirate explosion for the series. You can even check out our initial review. It seems like a fluff piece from Variety using analytics from App Annie to note that the downloads of the app grew 2.5x following the premiere. In-app revenue spiked by 1.8x compared to the previous 30 days.

The piece does caution that the revenue, which would be “well over $60,000 in the US” on October 1st, is not Netflix style money. Like Netflix, we will not see actual numbers for these shows, like you see for network television. When you use percentages, you can make anything sound amazing. You have one user, then you have two more users sign up, that is a 200 percent increase. However, we will have to have cautious optimism for a season two for Star Trek: Discovery.