Star Trek: Discovery Recap: “Vaulting Ambition”

This week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery seems to be heading for a showdown between Michael and Mirror Phillipa. After retrieving the Defiant’s data, much of the information was redacted and makes Michael’s mission pointless. Now, Michael is attempting to retrieve that information by offering Lorca as tribute. Things manage to go off the rails rather quickly.

On the Discovery, Stamets is in the spore field, where he encounters the mirror version of himself. There is an infection in the spore field and it will destroy everything within space and time, unless Stamets can repair it. During his time there, he is distracted by a ghostly version of Hugh. The spore field uses someone he would listen to and warn him that the mirror universe version of himself has caused it.

It is quick that Phillipa takes Lorca as her prisoner and will allow him to live. Only to give him a lifetime of torture. In her dinner with Michael, we discover that Phillipa had rescued Michael as a child. Only to raise her as her own. She left her side to be with Lorca, as a lover, and to overthrow the Emperor. At the end, we discover that Lorca is not who he claimed to be. Not only that, this was his plan all along.



Music: Star Trek (dubstep) – AH Da Time

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