Star Trek: Discovery Recap: “What’s Past Is Prologue”


After two-part dealing with the Discovery in a mirror universe, Michael has to deal with the fact that the Captain Lorca she knew is from the mirror universe. “Past Is Prologue” completes the three-episode story arc with the Discovery attempting to return home and the conclusion of the Lorca storyline. Lorca was attempting to overthrow Emperor Georgino, but not for good.

Lorca believes that the emperor hasn’t been tough enough. Allowing their enemies to gather just outside their space, he will eradicate them. He frees his co-conspirators and attempts to complete his mission. It is revealed just how he ended up in the main universe. Believing it was destiny, Lorca believes that he is destined to succeed.

With the help of Emperor Georgino, Michael attempts to by some time so Discovery can escape and return home. It is discovered that the Emperor’s ship is the reason the spores are dying. Unlike Discovery, the Charon is using the spore field as power and killing it in the process. It is a one-way mission for everyone involved.



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