Star Trek: Discovery Recap: “The Wolf Inside”

As you may have heard by the reviews for these past few episodes, Star Trek: Discovery is getting crazy. Keep in mind, we are still a week behind that allows us to focus solely on one episode and can discuss spoilers. The day this episode is released, the new episode is already on CBS All-Access. This is one of those episodes that begin to make you cringe for people that have abandoned the series during the first chapter of the season. We get it. We were kind of on that boat.

The guys discuss the fan theory about Captain Lorca is actually a mirror version, and everything that has happened was part of his plan. It is an interesting theory, but Steven goes on to think that Lorca and Michael had a relationship in that universe. However, by the time this episode airs, we will know the if it is true or not. They remind people that Please Stand By is coming out this week. It is a movie that focuses on a Star Trek fan, who wants to submit a script to Paramount for the series. It stars Dakota Fanning and Patton Oswald.

The episode contains spoilers. If you have chosen not to watch the series until it has completed airing, you know for binging, you have been warned. Many of the revelations begin. Ash begins to have a huge breakdown, which leads to the confirmation of a fan theory. Michael is going to have some serious trust issues and it all comes to ahead at the end of the episode. We can’t wait to get into next week’s episode.



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