Star Trek: TNG Gets The Honest Trailer Treatment

One of the funniest YouTube videos are the ones that come from Screen Junkies, who produce the Honest Trailers. They do some trailers for television. Given that this is the thirtieth anniversary for Star Trek: The Next Generation and the debut of Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: TNG get the Honest Trailer Treatment. It is glorious.

Many of the comments made in the trailer is something Star Trek fans knew for such a long time. The Away Team, which recaps every episode of the Next Gen series, have noticed so much of these. It is very true that the Enterprise was very large and yes, it looked like a lounge of a hotel. However, when it got into the character breakdown is when it truly shines.

The Picard and Riker maneuver is nearly as popular as the show. However, the Riker lean is something that was skipped and done almost as often as Riker reminding everyone that he is tall. We get it. You are 8-foot-11. The commentary on Patrick Stewart’s acting was correct. When you see the talent, he shines in some episodes like The Inner Light, Chains of Command and Darmok, yet we all cringe at the alien language recital from season one. Don’t get me started on the Shakespeare recital during Ménage A Trois.

I have always equaled Crusher and Troi as kind of just there. However, the uselessness of Troi’s characters when the story needs her was run into the ground like a Family Guy joke. Crusher and the ghost sex episode disturbed me back when it aired.

The trailer is so spot on that even the most ardent Star Trek fan has to laugh. Many of these things we have known but we have chosen to forget. Now, it is time to face them and laugh in the process.

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