Steven Has Been Absent For A Bit

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Good Thursday, everyone! As I write here on my girlfriend’s computer, struggling to figure out the layout of her HP laptop keyboard, you probably noticed that there have been fewer updates this week as well as the minus of two new podcasts. Well, there is a reason for that and I will tell you if you give me a minute. Man, you guys are pushy!

I was sent to the grand old city of Chicago on a business trip last-minute. I mean, very last-minute. I found out that I had received a promotion with my current company at 10 a.m. PT and was on a plane to Chicago for a management conference by 4 p.m. that same day. Having only five hours notice, I had to get things together and the website was one of those things.

Adam was kept in the loop and found out when I did. we had to cancel the two podcast shows that we had schedule for last weekend to get me to my plane on time. Not only that, since I wouldn’t have the time to update the site, as I usually do, I had to rely on Adam to take on the role and increase his usual contribution and make sure it ran smoothly until I got back.

So after four days of complete mind-numbing plans for the upcoming holiday season, I am finally being able to write to you guys and tell you that things will be back to normal next week. However, while we will still do the weekly Lazy Geeks Podcast for this coming Monday, we will not be able to do the In The Ink Comic Podcast for this month and we will resume with it in October.

As October is our third anniversary, we have some cool things planned in regards to the podcast and we are looking to change some things up. I wanted to take this time to thank my compadre Adam for keeping things going while I was away. Not only that, I know he has his own stuff going on, but he managed to pull it all together to keep you guys informed.

So I wanted to take the time to explain what has been happening during this crazy week and let you know that things will come (hopefully) back to normal starting Monday. We will have some fewer posts since we are coming up on Friday and the weekend. I will say, things look good starting Sunday morning with our new releases. So until then, keep everything positive and know you life can change on a dime.

Thanks for understanding!

Steven Vargas

Co-Founder, The Lazy Geeks

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