Supercut of the Best of Marvel’s Cinematic Moments

There are many times during our Lazy Geeks Podcast, I usually tease Adam that the reason DC Cinematic fans hate Marvel is simply because they are doing it right. The movies went from being intense with a mission to the last couple of movies having fun involved. Over the weekend, a supercut of various awesome moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe started trending.

YouTube user Voordeel created a video of some of the biggest Marvel moments set to “Battle Royale” by Apashe with Panther. It manages to contain a majority of the Marvel movies and even manages to include the recently released Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. Obviously, nothing new only what has been released in the trailers.

Some of the music syncs perfectly with much of the onscreen action and even the overly-color corrected imagery manages to fit the song and the tone the video was going for. Obviously, there are a lot of super hero lands in the video. Deadpool would be proud.

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