Surface Dial Finally Gets Adobe Photoshop Support

One of the biggest features for Microsoft and their Surface Dial was the actual dial. Yet, what most people used it for was not supported. Until now. Well, even that is a bit flimsy. Adobe’s Creative Cloud 2018 rolled out on Wednesday. The Surface Dial was designed with Photoshop CC in mind, but it had not supported the app.

By even stating that the app is supported, it is still considered a “tech preview.” You will initially have to turn on this feature and will most likely be buggy. It is not production ready so you have been warned. You will need to have a Bluetooth-capable PC running the latest version of Windows 10. However, functionality is limited to the brush settings. “You can use the Dial to adjust the brush size, opacity and other parameters,” according to Engadget.

It is still unclear as to why support for this functionality was a long time coming. Not to mention that the dial and app are in “preview” status only. The Dial is very much a gimmick to lure creatives from the more popular iOS devices. However, being so late to the party, it is unlikely that the creatives will migrate in flocks.

Unfortunately, the usual support Microsoft throws at consumers, they are throwing another half-hearted effort to try and compete. Sadly, they are competing with a market that left them behind years ago. Not to mention their lack of enthusiastic support for the Surface left wondering why bother. Hasn’t that always been Microsoft’s problem?

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