Switch Already Outsold Wii U

Don’t call it a comeback! Nintendo should be pretty pleased with the outstanding popularity of their latest console offering. It just keeps getting better it seems because in a matter of five months the Switch now officially outselling the Wii U already.


I don’t know if that says a lot for the Switch or reminds us of what we already knew of the Wii U.


Anyway, Nintendo has a great holiday quarter, selling 7.23 million Switch consoles. That nearly doubles the total amount sold to date. They ended December with a total of 14.86 million units sold.


As you would expect Nintendo’s game lineup is selling just as well. Here’s a breakdown:


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 7.33 million

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 6.70 million

Super Mario Odyssey: 9.07 million

Splatoon 2: 4.91 million


With all this good fortune Nintendo is getting a bit more ballsy with their financial forecasts. Nintendo expects to earn 33.3 percent great operating profit higher than previously expected. However, things may be cooling down with a slower release scheduled during that period. Kirby Star Allies is the biggest Switch title on the slate for that time period and the Labo cardboard accessories drop in April.



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