Sylvester Stallone to Write and Direct Creed 2

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It is amazing what can change in a year. Back when Ryan Coogler co-wrote and directed Creed, Sylvester Stallone claimed that he might be one and done. As the year has progressed since the release of Creed, Stallone seemed more onboard with the project that one would have thought. It seems that now he is fully onboard with the sequel. So much so that Stallone is writing and directing the sequel.

Coogler had teased that he was coming back for the sequel, but with his commitment with Marvel Studios to complete Black Panther put that on the back burner. Like in the original Rocky movie, John G. Avildsen was unable to return to direct, Stallone stepped up and directed the sequel.

Stallone had been teasing the return of Dolph Lundgren’s character for the sequel. Using the man that murdered his father motif would make for a compelling and emotional sequel. Some sites have been suggesting that Ivan Drago’s son would be the opponent for Creed, which would give him something to prove. The emotional story arc would be interesting for fans and the characters, and Stallone would seem like the guy that could pull it off.