System Updates 01.11.2016


Welcome to System Updates, here on the Lazy Geeks Network. Here are the biggest news stories for today, Monday, January 11, 2016. We have details on Star Wars: The Old Republic’s latest Expansion, Sony gave out the wrong game to PlayStation Plus member, Nathan Drake may be getting the axe, and Police catch a man that urinated on Target’s video games rack.


Links To Stories


SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Details


Sony Gave Out the Wrong Game for Free This Week


Is Nathan Drake Nearing the End?


Police Catch man That Urinated on Video Games at Target




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  1. i like how you brought back the douche bag of the week.
    your volume is a bit low and you seem to have taken some of the bass out of your voice while doing the “System Update” show.

    Adam’s mic is coming through loud and clear.
    that shit is rupturing my hymen every time.
    straight up crushing my mangina.

  2. I meant Steven’s mic is coming through and crushing my man-hymen…sorry for the mix up and the awkward homosexual hyperbole.

    1. That’s what happens when Adam records in his closet between drug parties. Glad to know I am crushing so many things.

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