Systems Update 03.07.2016

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Welcome everyone to System Updates on The Lazy Geeks Network! I’m Adam Riley and these are the coolest news stories for Monday March 7th 2016. Let’s get on with it.

Links To Stories

RIP Gary Hutzel

Fable Legends Closure

Justice League Casts Commisioner Gordon

Rocket League Passes 1 Million Downloads on Xbox One


“Level Up” and “Bit Quest” Kevin MacLeod ( 

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We are planning to do a viewer’s choice month in April. If you want us to talk about your favorite Star Trek episodes, regardless of series or movie, let us know. We will take the winner’s choice and devote two Trek episodes to the top two selections. The Cheap Seats will do a special viewer’s choice for any movie of their choice on Netflix. You can throw in your votes on our facebook page (, on Twitter (@thelazygeeks) or send your selections to our mail back ( You have until March 31st to get your selections in and we will announce them on April 1st’s Systems Update show. So do it now!