T-Mobile Can No Longer Claim A Faster Network

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T-Mobile has always played around with facts. Many people will come to their defense. However, the claims that they have better service than Verizon was their undoing. Verizon, instead of going to court, took their claims against T-Mobile to the National Advertising Division. NAD is part of the Better Business Bureau that reviews honest advertising. As of now, T-Mobile can no longer claim a faster network.

T-Mobile was using speed-testing sites like Ookla and Open Signal to back up its claims. Verizon’s major issue dealt with their unlimited plans offering. Verizon said that their claims for “faster, newer or better” than Verizon’s was misleading.


Verizon argued that customers experience slow downs (throttling) after a consumer passes their allotted monthly amount. Basically, a user will not receive the same speeds as they get closer to the end of the month. The recommendation from the board was that T-Mobile would have to cease using that claim. Also, they will need to discontinue commercials that feature such a claim.

The board, also, reviewed T-Mobile’s claim that they cover 99 percent of the geographical area as Verizon. T-Mobile is unable to support that claim as it only covers the same amount of people, not geographically. It encourages T-Mobile to modify their advertising to make that clearer.

T-Mobile has been using this claim for years. Verizon has been known to have the better service, but it is an expensive carrier. T-Mobile has connection issues even in populated areas such as Los Angeles. However, if the merger with Sprint continues, they may be able to stick to those claims.