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DC Confirms No Television And Movie Crossovers

The internet loves to get their hopes up on anything in the world of comics. When something happens in comics, they speculate on how they will use it in the upcoming movies but people need to understand that presenting a comic title (that takes risks)


Big Changes Coming for Iron Man and Hulk Comics

Iron Man and Hulk have had an interesting history of smacking each other around and then working together. Its a loop they seem to be caught in and it makes for some interesting story arcs. Both characters are currently enjoying their own solo titles but

Robotech And Voltron To Crossover In New Comic Series

Some people think that mixing bacon with anything is amazing, but I think anytime you can mix up two much-loved 80’s anime series together is perfection. Dynamite Entertainment has acquired the rights to publish comics based on Robotech in a sub-licensing arrangement with DC Entertainment

The Family Guy Coming To Springfield

Over the last few days there has been some major movement on the whole “Animation Domination” line-up on Fox. While Fox has decided not to renew The Cleveland Show and has decided to let American Dad move to TBS starting in 2014, they need to

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Comic Review: Spider-Men Issues #1 And #2

Okay, before I begin I want to clear up any confusion that I may have conveyed to anyone that is significantly familiar with this site. I was never a big fan of the idea of crossing over Spiderman from the main Marvel Universe and the

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Marvel Reveals One Of Two Spidermen

Over the last two months, Marvel has been teasing something potentially huge coming to the Spiderman universe this June. While this is the 50th anniversary of the wall-crawler, and a huge movie coming out this summer, it would make sense that Marvel is going to