Team Thor: Part 2 – Thor Needs A Job

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When last we left Thor in the San Diego Comic-Con video, he was living with Darryl, which led a movement for Darryl to be added into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the HD Digital release of Doctor Strange on Tuesday, Marvel released a part two of their living arrangement. It seems Darryl and Thor have to have a serious discussion – rent.

It is a hilarious short that has Darryl requesting that Thor get a job but Thor gave him Asguardian relics that would be worth “a bazillion in human money.” It would not be Chris Helmsworth if he did not show off his muscles during the short. If you haven’t watched it yet, he is relating it to a brain being a muscle and how he is the smartest of the two.

Marvel has released the clip today. “Thor and Darryl have a normal roommate discussion regarding rent. Catch the rest of of Team Thor: Part 2 when you bring home Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange” on Digital HD TODAY!”

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