Teasers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Hit the Internet

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As you might have heard, we will be getting the final Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer dropping on Monday. Lucasfilm took to Twitter to make the announcement. Even Good Morning, America got in on the action of promoting it on Monday night.

It is interesting that Lucasfilm will take to promoting it during Monday Night Football on ESPN during halftime. However, since both Lucasfilm and ESPN are both owned by Disney, they must have gotten a great deal on advertising during the game. Not to mention, it is between the Vikings and the Bears, so ESPN may need all the viewers they can get.

The first teaser for tomorrow’s trailer came with a quick progression of Rey training with a lightsaber. Not to mention seeing Luke’s mechanical hand.

Good Morning America got in on the act by showing similar footage that we have already seen before.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi drops in December. In case you haven’t realized it. Pre-sale tickets will go on sale just after the final trailer airs.