The Away Team #10: Haven


The Away Team is back with a ho-hum of an episode, “Haven”. It seems that there is something worse than a Yar-focused episode, it’s a Troi focused episode. Troi is hit with an arranged marriage but at the same time a long-since-dead race is approaching and spelling possible doom for the planet Haven. It is as bad as you think.


Music: Star Trek (dubstep) – AH Da Time

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  1. First of all.. that trailer for the episode here has the beginning and the end of the episode. Like they already knew that people weren’t gonna watch it all the way through anyway. . lol

    Dude, the “genetic Bonding”.. The only thing that was said that the Miller guy was her dads best friend. And that was somehow supposed to lead us to them being Genetically Bonded. Oh.. 90’s science. <3

    Oh and Steve, I heard some haterisims when you were talking about Troy and Riker wanting to captain a starship. See, I think the man just needs to watch his fuckin mouth and quit being a little bitch. That's all. Fortunately, we know how epic Riker becomes later. But for now he needed to get a nut-check.

    Adam, "there may be 4 lights, but I'm lookin' at 1 bitch" needs to be a meme.

    Also.. *spoilers* When the would-be went to the ship at the end.. was there no lock on the Transporter station? Everything is so copacetic in the future for safety protocols?
    The artwork was better than the woman they were depicting. I may be hatin' a little bit but she looked high on pain killers the WHOLE TIME.

    anyone else notice that Tarellians look exactly like Humans? No budget?

      1. Lol you know, I didn’t really pay attention to how much I fast forward through Troi episodes.

        I’m guessing that you guys didn’t catch Troi’s wardrobe malfunction when she first met the lady on the plague ship?

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