The Away Team #2: The Naked Now


The guys are back with their second podcast dedicated to the series of Star Trek: The Next Generation series. This one is a majorly bad episode. This is what some call a homage to the original series. Seeing the cast act out of sorts, basically being drunk, and bringing them out of their normal personas. However, being only the second episode, we hardly knew them well enough to take this as a big deal.

Listen to us recap the episode and find out what is wrong with it and some of the things we noticed that was not continued during the rest of the series. Even the rotating door of chief engineers.  Let us know what you think and see if you agree with us. Comments are welcome.

Also, if you would like us to review a particular episode or movie (does not have to be from the TNG series, could be from any Star Trek series or movies), please drop us a line and let us know why you would want us to talk about it. Email us at


Check out the trailer for this episode: