The Away Team #5: Where No One Has Gone Before

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The guys are back with their last Star Trek podcast before their month break. They save a great one for last when they discuss “Where No One Has Gone Before.” The Enterprise is taken out of their known galaxy by a stranger new alien that no one has ever met before and who develops a weird relationship with Wesley. How weird? Listen to it and find out.


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  1. now i have to start re-watching TNG.
    i think this is my favorite show you guys do, the intro is crack rocks.
    you should sneak “rape gangs” somewhere into the intro song.

  2. I’m rewatching the first season and I just want to say you guys have ruined my childhood. I’m already on to episode 9 and all I can think is even Q wants that Riker D.

  3. Orbital, we fixed that. Jessica, we only made your adulthood that much more epic. Thanks for listening.

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