The Away Team Minisode – Star Trek: Discovery – “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”

We have dropped our second minisode this month. The Away Team minisodes continue on with our discussion and recap of Star Trek: Discovery. After the promise we had in episode three, we get a bit of a letdown in episode four. While it is perceived as a reveal episode, it did nothing to grow the characters organically. However, the Klingon sub-plot seems to be going somewhere. There is a random death of a character, in Tasha Yar style. However, given the short life of the character, we did not care or feel anything for this death.

Out of the last four episodes, only one has stood out as exceptionally well-written and acted. The crammed two-part pilot and this episode leave much to be desired. Although, if you are not real Star Trek fans, you will most likely leave the series at this point. However, if you feel this isn’t your brand of Trek, you can always check out The Orville.


Music: Star Trek (dubstep) – AH Da Time