The Cheap Seats #3: Batman (1989)

Steven and Adam are back with The Cheap Seats. This month, they look at Tim Burton’s 1989 classic Batman. In honor of the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the guys look back and see if it still holds up, especially since the release of the Christopher Nolan films in recent history.

Jimmy Kimmel skit discussed in opening:

Original Batman trailer:


“Adventure Meme” Kevin MacLeod (

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  1. you guys should consider doing “The Princess Bride” some day.
    it’s a great movie and i’d love to here your comments on it.

    1. That could lead into a 7 hour minimum podcast. We both love that movie that it would be hard to be critical on it. However, with all that being said, we will consider it. Maybe a stay tuned.

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