The Last of Us: Part II Trailer Drops

In 2013, at the height of the zombie crazy after The Walking Dead, Naughty Dog released survival horror game, The Last of Us. A story about Joel, a smuggler whose mission was to escort a young girl named Elle across a dangerous post-apocalyptic wasteland. While the horror genre nature of the game was the gimmick, it was the emotional and compelling storytelling and action that drew fans. Sony released teaser footage at Sony’s Paris Games Week with The Last of Us: Part II. If you have not seen the footage yet, you can check it out below. View with caution, it is exactly what you would expect.

As we are not told who the young woman in the clip is, we can assume that it is Elle. According to The Nerdist, Sony has made it clear that Yara will be a new character and play a role in Joel and Elle’s latest adventure. While the infected are seen at the end, it’s religious fanatics that will play the main baddies in the game.

Judging by the teaser, the same composite and photo-realism have been taken in the game. The darkness of the forest is true black with the lighting giving us added insight into the surroundings. Yara is tortured in a realistic and cringe-worthy way. This is a game that would seem to be a true successor to the original.

Obviously, the teaser offers more questions than answers. However, it seems that Naughty will not disappoint us with this sequel. Many fans did not feel a need for a sequel. It will be nearly five years since the original. We shall see if that changes people’s desire for a sequel. The Last of Us: Part II is expected on the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018.

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