The Lazy Geeks Podcast #184: DTFF

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The guys are back with an over-sized show! They get caught up on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and possibly come up with an idea for a new podcast. Steven discusses the reboot – of sorts for the site, trying the new app Google Calendar and witnessing the creation of the world’s largest peanut buttercup.

Some of the tops this week: Sherlock special getting a Victorian setting, Mr. T pities your home, Star Wars: Battlefront premieres next month, EA’s PGA Tour gets a new golfer, Joker-Batgirl controversy, new Thor increases sales, HBO and Showtime forget about net neutrality, pirates get free Windows 10 and our bitch of the week.

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  1. Dude.. I listen to your old podcasts when I workout. I like to laugh with y’all because it makes the cardio go by faster, seriously. And some times you guys mention stuff from prior podcasts

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