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The Lazy Geeks Podcast #193: If You Love America…


The guys are back with the biggest new stories of the past week. Steven and Adam discuss a long week and Steven decides to get some traditional comics through mail-order.

The guys talk about Tron 3 cancelled, Sony documentary about the hack coming, Uncharted Collection, Fallout 4, Post-Secret Wars, The Wicked+The Devine, all about Windows 10 and so much more.



Movie/TV News

Constantine Officially Dead http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/06/07/constantine-tv-series-officially-dead

Steve: Tron 3 Shelved http://thelazygeeks.com/disney-decides-to-shelve-tron-3/

Adam: Sony Hack Documentary http://thelazygeeks.com/sony-hack-documentary-is-officially-a-thing/


Gaming News

Steve: Uncharted Collection Coming http://www.polygon.com/2015/6/4/8728311/uncharted-collection-hits-ps4-oct-9

Adam: FALLOUT FUCKING 4 http://thelazygeeks.com/fallout-4-has-finally-been-revealed/


Comic News

Steve: What happens after secret wars http://www.polygon.com/comics/2015/6/4/8728907/marvel-secret-wars-all-new-different-new-comics-wolverine-spider-man-hulk

Adam: The Wicked + The Devine Get TV Deal http://thelazygeeks.com/the-wicked-the-divine-get-a-tv-deal/


Technology News

Steve: All We Need To Know About Windows 10 Launch http://thelazygeeks.com/all-you-will-need-to-know-about-windows-10s-launch/

Adam: Clean Windows 10 Installs for all , Things being cut from Windows 10 http://thelazygeeks.com/microsoft-has-confirmed-we-can-do-clean-installs-with-windows-10-update/


Bruce Jenner Petition To Give Back The Gold http://www.foxsports.com/olympics/story/caitlyn-jenner-online-petition-change-org-revoke-decathlon-olympic-medal-1976-montreal-ioc-060415


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