The Lazy Geeks Podcast #195: 2015 E3 Wrap-Up Show


Now that all the craziness from this year’s E3 has concluded, we have time to look back on all the news and see what was the best, surprising and meh announcements of the last week. This is our full E3 wrap-up story where we go through all the presentations of all the developers and studios from Microsoft through Square Enix. Check it out and tell us what was you big surprise of the event.


Microsoft Presentation


Microsoft E3 Highlights


Sony Presentation


Sony E3 Highlights


EA Presentation


EA E3 Highlights


Bethesda Presentation


Bethesda E3 Highlights


Square Enix Presentation


Square Enix Highlights


 Ubisoft Presentation


Ubisoft E3 Highlights


Nintendo Direct Presentation


Nintendo E3 Highlights



Special Standouts


Transformers 80’s Getting A Video Game


Sony Not Doing Backward Compatibility


Kinect Not Going Anywhere


Final Fantasy is a Remake, not a Remaster



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