The Lazy Geeks Podcast #197: I Am A Gamer


The guys are back after their week off and not to a good start. They guys discuss the breaking news of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passing over the weekend. They guys talk about the man that had a profound impact on Nintendo and their childhood.

Some of the other news topics of the week: Elektra joins Daredevil, Aunt May just got hot, Arkham Knight PC issues, Baldur’s Gate, Marvel dominates June, Atari Comics coming back, as well as a review of Windows 10 and Apple Music and a special #thisbitch of the week.



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Breaking: Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Passes

News –

(News from all aspects: games, tech, movies, tv, comics)

Movie/TV News

Steve: Elecktra Joins Daredevil Season Two

Adam: Marisa Tomei Cast as Aunt May


Gaming News

Steve: WB Knew Of Batman Arkham Knight Issues All Along

Adam: Baldur’s Gate getting Expansion


Comic News

Steve: Marvel Takes June Sales

Adam: Atari Comics are coming back


Technology News

Steve: Review Of Apple Music

Adam: Windows 10 first impressions


This week’s This Bitch –


Leland Yee



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