The Lazy Geeks Podcast #199: It’s About That Time


The guys are back with their last podcast before episode 200 next week. This week, the guys talk about how we found Vulcan, or at least another planet that is very similar to Earth. Steven apologizes for the lack of content last week and the biggest news of the last week.

Topics: Archer’s George Coe passes, why Ava Duvernay passed on Black Panther, Tomb Raider PS4 release date, KOTOR2 gets a patch, all-ages Spidey coming, Superman appears in Secret Wars, AT&T/DirecTV merger approved, Microsoft patches all versions of Windows and the UK on ripping CDs.


Big announcement

Sorry for last week; Don’t buy from Barnes & Noble online

Mark Hamill To Return

We found Vulcan


News –

Movie/TV News

Steve: George Coe (Archer) Passes

Adam: Ava Duvernay Explains Passing On Black Panther


Gaming News

Steve: Tomb Raider Coming 2016 To PS4

Adam: KOTOR2 Gets An Update After 10 Years


Comic News

Steve: All-Ages Spider-Man Comic Coming

Adam: Superman Appears In Secret Wars #8


Technology News

Steve: FCC Approves AT&T/DirecTV Merger

Adam: Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch



The UK



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