The Lazy Geeks Podcast #200: 199 Episodes Later

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The guys have reached a major milestone: episode 200! The podcast began with their first show on October 11, 2010. For the special occasion, they guys have invited Heather to join in and discuss the major news stories from that week five years ago and see how they turned out. Some weird stories were reported on nearly five years ago but some things have not changed at all. Join us as we sort of look back and see how far we’ve come… or stayed where we were.


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  1. you clowns have been baiting me with this New England shit for a minute.
    listen to me now and hear me later…i grew up in NYC and found my way to New England somehow.

    (i use clowns in the most respectful manner.)

    so i’m gonna step to the mic and throw it down.
    as i said before; New York is not and has never been part of New England.

    Boston’s streets, roads and highways are nothing but updated cow paths.
    driving in and around Boston is like trying to wipe your ass while you are laying on your stomach and using a mirror.

    package stores?
    what the fuck is this about?

    i wanna buy beer in a grocery store!

    i gotta say that i loved the putting furniture in a parking space that you shoveled out thing.
    my boy got his window smashed in when he took a parking spot that had a chair in it.

    anyway, i love you guys…no homo.

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