The Lazy Geeks Podcast #203: 100% Discreet

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With their second to final Lazy Geeks Podcast before the summer break, the guys are hard at work on getting ideas going for the upcoming season six in October. It has been a crazy work week for the two and they have the hours to prove it.  Not only that but they talk about the latest Nintendo 2DS price drop.

Some of the topics of discussion this week: Agents of SHIELD spin-off back, Monty Python, Windows 10 DRM issues, Kingdom Hearts 3, new Captain America comic series, Kotobukiya becomes a statue and the gawd-awful Ashley Madison leaks.


Opening Story/Random –

Second to last episode of the season

Found a new place to check out – Neon Retro Arcade


Take My Money Section

Nintendo 2DS price drop


News –

Movie/TV News

Steve: Agents of SHIELD spin-off back on

Adam: Monty Python


Gaming News

Steve: Some DRM Messes Up Windows 10

Adam: Kingdom Hearts III


Comic News

Steve: Captain America: White #1 Announced

Adam: Kotobukiya Reveals New Lady Deadpool Statue


Technology News

Steve: Ashley Madison Leak


This week’s This Bitch –


Gun Range to Serve Booze Because Yeah




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