The Lazy Geeks Podcast #276: All Hallows’ Eve

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The guys kick off this week by discussing the news about “Chuck” star landing the lead role of Shazam. As one would expect, they are a bit uncertain about their choice. However, unlike the internet, they are not condemning the decision nor believe this is the end of the DC Cinematic Universe. That is how we begin The Lazy Geeks Podcast. Well, that and a minor dig at Adam’s wife for her unhelpfulness at the FedEx store.

The guys get into the discussion of what types of devices people need in their daily lives. This is spawn from Adam’s quandary of portable travel. He is thinking he needs a laptop. However, it is not lite enough to carry around day-to-day. Anyone that has listened to Adam before knows that this is not an easy decision. Should he get a laptop or a tablet?

The discussion moves into the type of devices many normal people would need in their daily lives. Not many people need desktops anymore. Many people use laptops, but with the needs of many people, laptops seem to be a bit overkill. What device fits you? What device do you think you need? The guys break it down and hopefully help you out.

Oh, and they discuss the biggest news stories of the past week. Enjoy!


Here are the topics for this week:

Opening Topic:

 Adam’s Wife

 The New Shazam



Steven: Wilson Fisk  Returning for Daredevil Season 3

Adam: Blade Runner 2049 Not Doing Well



Steven: LA Noire 4K Trailer

Adam: Four Xbox 360 Games Getting X Enhancements



Steven: Punisher Getting Iron Makeover

Adam: Justice League Film Tracking to Open Behind Suicide Squad



Steven: It’s All About the Cloud for Microsoft

Adam: Microsoft Kills the Kinect


Discussion Topic:

What is the point of a desktop, laptop, and/or tablet?


What the Actual Fuck! (WTAF):

Steven: Banana vs Apple News

Adam: I see you, Burger King



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